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Letter From ARI’s Owners

Dear Valued Customer,

The international financial crisis is weighing heavily on all of us.  As consumers, one factor that we all need to consider is the stability of the companies with whom we do business.  In the current economic climate, many manufacturers will stumble and some will even fail.  For that reason, we personally want to explain ARI’s unique situation.

For many years, the owners of ARI have been concerned about the growing credit bubble.  It was obvious that it was unsustainable and that an inevitable day of reckoning would come.  To protect our customers, our employees, and our families from the disastrous consequences of a financial meltdown,  we positioned ARI to withstand the worst. We become very frugal with how we spent money.  We did not pay outlandish executive salaries and bonuses. We did not build fancy facilities.  We did not buy other companies.  Instead we worked extremely hard to improve how we serve our customers.

As an owner operator, when you invest in your equipment, you need to be certain the sleeper company you choose will be around to provide you with years of service after the sale.  We know that you expect guarantees, warranties and product support to be kept when you purchase with us.  We have positioned ARI to deliver without compromise on all of these important elements.  Therefore, we will be around to serve you as we have served our customers for the past seven years.

Purchasing a Legacy Sleeper from ARI today means you are choosing a company that will help you enjoy your purchase now and in the future.  We hope that you will give ARI a chance to exceed your expectations.  Thank you for your time and thank you for doing business with ARI.

The Owners of ARI

Legacy II Electric Upper Bunk

Introducing ARI’s Electric Upper Bunk!

This electric upper bunk option is available in ALL of the Legacy II Sleepers!

The electric upper bunk works with the rear door or the rear bed floor plans!  A touch of a button moves the electric upper bunk up or down!

Click on the link below to see our trucks with the Electric Upper Bunk already installed!

0772_Photo_Int 0772_Photo_Int[1]