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Side Entry Door Option

Our new side entry door is now available as an option on the Rear Bed floor plans.  We started so see more and more side entry doors coming down our custom line and decided to make it a standard option. The side door offers a lot of convenience.  The option comes with a flip down floor, flip up countertop, courtesy lights in the step well, and a lighted grab handle.  This feature is offered as an option in the 144, 156 and 168 RB layouts.



ARI – Volvo High Rise Cab

Wondering what’s new at ARI? It’s our new high rise opening on the Volvo! Stand up in the cab and walk straight into the sleeper!  The boot opening is well over 6 feet tall. Plus you will get extra custom made interior cab storage. This is by far the coolest “NEW” thing ARI has come up with. If you would like to see this truck, in person, come see us in Louisville, March 22nd through the 24th!  ARI will be in the South Wing in booth 32415

Exterior_Volvo_Pics_001 Exterior_Volvo_Pics_002 Exterior_Volvo_Pics_003 Exterior_Volvo_Pics_004

10 Year Anniversary


ARI Legacy Sleepers 10 Year Anniversary

It’s almost the beginning of a New Year and ARI wishes everyone a safe, healthy and profitable 2011, the last couple of years have been interesting to say the least, but 2010 was better and we have hope that 2011 will continue to move in the right direction for all of us.

This coming New Year is a milestone for us here at ARI as we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary! The 10 years have gone by in a flash as life has a tendency to do, but it has been an enjoyable ride along the way.  ARI has met a lot of good people and we honestly feel blessed to have the customers we do.  Our loyal customers have done a fantastic job helping us spread the word about ARI’s dedication to quality and customer service.  Thank You!

ARI is looking forward to another 10 years of building the best custom sleepers on the road and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!


Bentz Closing

ARI would like to express our regret that Keith and his wife Charla will be closing the doors at Bentz and we wish them the very best in the future endeavors.

ARI wants all Bentz Sleeper owners to know that ARI’s service department is qualified to work on all Bentz Sleeper products and in some cases we will be able to provide warranty.  Our trained staff in service is ready to help.  Call Kelly or Jen at 260-768-4704.